Emax ECOII-2306-2400KV Brushless Motor

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The ECO II Series marks the next evolution in affordable brushless motor technology, bringing in a new era of performance for everyone

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The engineers at EMAX are always seeking ways to design the ultimate motor with brushless technology. In their efforts, they produced the ECO II Series, a new line of brushless motors further improving on the performance and durability while retaining the same affordability.

Frecision bearing
Steel shaft
19*19mm hole pattern
Multi-strand winding
200mm 18 AWG silicone wire
Fully mirror-polished finish that shines and glistens with even the smallest hint of light
Upgraded N52SH curved arc magnets for tighter airgap and better performance
Massive 12mm EZO bearing for unparalleled smooth operation


Model Emax ECOII-2807-1300KV
Hole pattern 19 X 19
Lead 20#AWG 120mm
Bearing 4mm
Ideal Current 1.8A
Internal resistance 47mΩ
No. of cell 47mΩ
Propeller 5-5.5
Power watt 740W
Motor weight 54g


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