Dremel 290-3 Engraver

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Dremel 290-3/4 Engraver Kit

Engrave or decorate a wide variety of materials including metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood and leather. Includes soft-grip body, replaceable carbide engraving point and variable stroke control that lets you etch fine lines or deep grooves.

Highlights & Details

  • Variable stroke depth for various engraving effect
  • Reciprocating action for optimal engraving control
  • Soft grip for comfortable handling
  • Seperate on/off switch to keep depth setting
  • Replaceable carbide for use on a wide variety of materials


  • Lifting movement for a better control with engraving
  • Hubtiefe variable adjustable
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Replaceable carbide point
  • Separate on/off switch.


  • Dremel Engraver
  • 2 x Replaceable carbide engraving point
  • 1 x Diamond engraving tip
  • Creative engraving templates
  • Instruction manual


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