DFRobot mmWave – Human Presence Detection Sensor (9 Meters)


The millimeter-wave radar can sense the human presence, stationary and moving people within the detection area. Moreover, it can even detect static or stationary human presence such as a sleeping person. There are two ways provided to output detection result: serial port and I/O port switch quantity. Besides that, the sensor module features strong sensing reliability, high sensitivity, small size, easy to be used or embedded in applications.

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Human presence sensing: sense if there is human body in areas
I/O port switch quantity input and output control
Serail port input and output control
Strong anti-interference ability, not to be affected by snow, haze, temperature, humidity, dust, light, noise, etc.

Power Supply 3.6~5V
Operating Current 90mA
Detection Distance 9m
Equivalent Transmit Power 13-15dBM
Beam Angle 100×40°
Modulation Mode FMCW, CW
Operating Frequency 24GHz
Operating Temperature -40~85℃
Buad Rate 115200
Dimension 24×28mm/0.94×1.10”


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