DFRobot & Hackster EEDU Environmental Sensor Kit (ESP32)

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EEDU Environmental Sensor Kit provides many project tutorials and is a top pick for beginners wanting to get started with open-source hardware. They’re designed for easy customization and expansion so that users can add new peripherals and sensors as their abilities grow.

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Using this EEDU Environmental Sensor Kit, you can construct practical devices capable of environmental monitoring soil moisture and air quality in real-time. There’s no limit to the scenarios in which this monitoring capability can be applied! With these sensors at your disposal, you can convert your garden or classroom into a smart environment driven by data and witness nature’s wonders through the lens of real-time data. Welcome to the exhilarating and innovative realm of Arduino-based hardware!
Smart plant pot
Smart garden
Smart farms
AI projects
Smart Campus projects
Smart home projects
Programming learning
Prototyping projects
STEAM education
The basic features of the EEDU Environmental Sensor Kit are written below.

Cost-effective and environmental-friendly
Application-specific peripherals
Easy to Get Started
Quick prototyping
Ideal for exploring nature applications
Easily customizable and expandable
The water-proof soil moisture sensor


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