DFRobot Gravity: MEMS Gas Sensor (CO, Alcohol, NO2 & NH3) – I2C – MiCS-4514


DFRobot offers a 3.3/5V compatible MEMS gas concentration sensor. This sensor can detect a variety of gas concentrations, including CO, C2H5OH (alcohol), H2, NO2, and NH3, and the code includes various gas concentration conversion formulas to make sensor testing and use easier.

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It’s compatible with Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, and other mainstream controllers thanks to its I2C output and 3.35.5V wide voltage input.
Gas leak detection
Gas safety equipment
Air environment detection
FeaturesSupport detection of a variety of harmful gas
Integrate the calculation formulas of various gas concentration
Low power consumption
I2C digital output
Compatible with the 3.3~5.5V master controller

Model MiCS-4514
Operating Voltage(V) 3.3~5.5
Power Consumption (Watt) 0.45
Communication Interface I2C
Measuring Range 1 – 1000ppm (Carbon monoxide CO)
0.05 – 10ppm (Nitrogen dioxide NO2)
10 – 500ppm (Ethanol C2H5OH)
1 – 1000ppm (Hydrogen H2)
1 – 500ppm (Ammonia NH3)
>1000ppm (Methane CH4)
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -30~85
Opt. Relative Humidity(RH) 5~95%
Mounting Holes Diameter (mm) ID:3.1
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 37x27x6
Weight (gm) 10


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