DFRobot Gravity CO Sensor (Calibrated) – I2C & UART

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This is a sensor that detects carbon monoxide and supports three output modes: analog, I2C, and UART. The probe has been calibrated at the factory, which can quickly and accurately measure the concentration of carbon monoxide in the environment.

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The probe adopts the electrochemical principle, has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, high stability, high sensitivity, etc., and the service life is as long as two years. The sensor has 32 modifiable I2C addresses, an integrated temperature compensation algorithm, and a threshold alarm function, It has good compatibility with mainstream main control devices such as Arduino, ESP32, and Raspberry Pi.
Petrochemical carbon monoxide detection.
Metallurgy carbon monoxide detection.
Mining carbon monoxide detection.
Environmental protection.
Strong anti-interference ability.
High stability.
High sensitivity.
Factory calibrated, accurate measurement.
High sensitivity, low power consumption.
Excellent stability and anti-interference.
Three output modes: I2C, UART and analog.
Long service life(2 years).
Compatible with 3.3~5.5V main controllers.
32 modifiable I2C addresses.
Reverse connection protection.
Temperature compensation.
Threshold alarm.


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