Cyclone 45A BLHeil_S ESC

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Gold plated PCB
Regenerative braking function
Strong anti-jamming ability and quick response.

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A 6-layer, 3-ounce copper-thick, and high-quality PCB are adopted, and the layered layout of large current and small control signal is adopted to enhance the anti-jamming ability. The gold plating process on the PCB surface can effectively improve the current resistance and heat dissipation ability of electric regulation. Integrated RGB multi-color bright LED night light, night flight is even more dazzling. It supports BLHeli-S and DShot 150/300/600 digital throttle. It has a strong anti-jamming ability and quick response.

Voltage : Support 2-6S power supply
Working current : 35A
Support protocols : dshot 125/300/600
Power cord length : 18AWG 90mm
Signal line length : 150 mm


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