Centre Folded POF Shrink Films

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Centre Folded Polyolefin Shrink wraps are a great option for packaging a variety of products. It has become the preferred choice for packaging products both edible and non-edible.

Centrefold polyolefin shrink film is great because of how the film is folded onto the roll. The film is folded length ways onto the roll to allow users to quickly insert the product being packaged into the fold crease. The illustration will help show how products are into the centrefold shrink roll. Once the product is placed into the fold crease, film will be covering the product on both sides. The best option for sealing centrefold polyolefin shrink wrap is an L-Bar sealer. The Sealer has 2 sealing sides to clamp down on the centrefold wrap around the product. The sealer will seal and cut in one motion.


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