CE30-D Solid State ToF Infrared 3D LIDAR


CE30-D Solid State 3D LIDAR Wide FOV LiDAR Sensor is a solid-state infrared LiDAR which is developed based on the ToF principle. Equipped with its special hardware design, it could complete the measurement of wide horizontal FOV and output the grey and depth information at the same time.

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Mechanical single channel LiDAR is pretty common in our life, but two problems cannot be neglected, i.e. short lifespan and high price due to the rotating measurement mode.
Complete Solid-state LiDAR
Area array detecting
Solid-state system (no rotating components)
Can detect lower obstacles (perfect for AGV or UAV applications)
Large measuring range: max to 30 meters with a centimeter-level accuracy
High resolution: angular resolution reach to 0.19 degree (3 mrad)

Accuracy ≤15cm
Communication Protocol UDP
Lense Viewing Angle (FOV) 60° x 4°
Model No. CE30-D
Pixel Resolution 320×20
Power Consumption (Watt) ≤8
Protection Standard IP65
Ranging Resolution (cm) 1
Repeatability (1σ) ≤5cm
Input Supply Voltage (VDC) 12
Weight (gm) 334
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 79 x 47 x 50
Operating Temperature (°C) 0 to 50
Ambient Light Suppression 60klux
Frame Rate 30fps
Peak Wave Length 850nm


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