Benewake TF40 LiDAR


Typical Application
Obstacles Detection
Level Measurement
Intelligent Sensing
Safety operations
Position sensing

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TF40 is an mm-level accuracy LiDAR with a range up to 40m is a third-generation product of the TF series, TF40 inherits the cost-effective and compact- integration characteristics of the previous two generations. Meanwhile, TF40 upgrades more than ten key parameters and offers multiple expansion functions to meet various applications’ demands.
High accuracy
Tiny Size
Small light spot
Visible laser, easier for aiming

Type Time of Flight – ToF
Sensing Distance 0.04 m to 40 m
Resolution 1 mm
Beam Angle 1 m rad
Operating Supply Voltage 3.3 V
Operating Supply Current 180 mA
Interface Type UART
Minimum Operating Temperature – 10 C
Maximum Operating Temperature + 50 C


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