Benewake TF03 180m RS485/RS232 Industrial High-Speed Lidar

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TF03-180 is an industrial-grade long-range LiDAR. Its maximum detection range can reach 180m. With an integrated compensating algorithm for outdoor glare and other interference, TF03-180 can work under a strong light environment and rain, fog, and snow conditions 1. Multiple built-in operating modes let customers change their parameters and configuration to meet different applications.

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TF03 adopts the pulsed time-of-flight principle. The unique design of the optical system and the signal processing circuit improved the detecting performance in a compact size. In addition to increasing the range to more than 100 meters, the key parameters also have excellent performance in the whole range, such as distance resolution, accuracy, repeatability, and detection frequency.
Robot Obstacle avoidance
UAV Anti-collision
UAV Auto landing
UAV Height fixing / Distance keeping
UAV Terrain following
Level Measurement
Intelligent parking
Crane safety operations
Vehicle position sensing
Vehicle detection for barrier gate control
Wide range, as far as 180m
Multi-interface compatibility, able to be used in many fields
IP67 high-strength bodywork and high reliability
Small in volume and easy to be integrated
High-speed measuring up to 10KHz, high repeated accuracy
Excellent highlight interference, able to be used outdoor
RS485/RS232 version

Operating range 0.1-180m@90% reflectivity
0.1-70m@10% reflectivity
0.1-130m@90% reflectivity&100Klux
0.1-50m@10% reflectivity&100Klux
Accuracy ±10cm (within 10m), 1% (10m and further)
Distance resolution 1cm
Frame rate 1Hz~1000Hz adjustable (default 100Hz)
Repeatability 1σ:<3cm
Ambient light immunity 100Klux
Operation temperature -25~60℃
Enclosure rating IP67
Light source LD
Central wavelength 905nm
Photobiological safety CLASS 1(EN 60825)
FOV 0.5°
Supply voltage 6V-24V
Average current ≤200mA @ 6V
≤100mA @ 12V
≤50mA @ 24V
Power consumption ≤1.2W
Peak current ≤200mA @ 6V
≤100mA @ 12V
≤50mA @ 24V
Communication interface RS485/RS232
Cable length 70cm
Dimension 44mm*43mm*32mm(L*W*H)
Weight 80g


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