Banana plugs Couple Terminals Red Black Connector Amplifier Terminal

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Banana plugs couple terminals Red Black Connector amplifier terminal is a standard dual binding post made for chassis mounting. It will accommodate a standard dual banana plug, up to 16 gauge wire, and high current spade connectors stacked up to 5 mm high.

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The front and rear chassis insulators have a slight lip that keeps the conductors centered and from touching the chassis. This unit has two 0.5″ holes drilled in the center. Will work on chassis up to 0.25″ thick. High-temperature high impact injection molded plastic.

Also, it has screws for holding the wire in place. No soldering. Gold plated terminals for long life.

Colour coded insulation jackets for easy recognition.
Ideal for audio-video, amplifiers.

Terminal Body Copper
Material Metal and plastic
Pin Hole Diameter (mm) 3.37
Outer Diameter(mm) 4
Length (mm) 40
Width (mm) 35
Height (mm) 16
Weight (gm) 22


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