Autonics PR08-2DP DC 10~30 2mm M8 Inductive Proximity Sensor PNP-NO(Unshielded)

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This is Autonics PR08-2DP DC 10~30 2mm M8 Inductive Proximity Sensor PNP-NOSeries enhance superior noise resistance characteristics with dedicated IC which Autonics self-developed. Also, the series can be widely used in any applications where proximity sensors are required because of a diverse range of line-ups in terms of size and sensing distance.

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This inductive proximity sensor generates an electromagnetic field to sense metal objects. It features built-in sensitivity volume and provides no-touch object detection. Inductive sensors use a magnetic field to detect objects. Capacitive sensors use an electric field. In order to be sensed by an inductive sensor, an object must be conductive.
Improved the noise resistance with a dedicated IC.
Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit (DC 3-wire type).
Built-in surge protection circuit.
Built-in overcurrent protection circuit (DC type).
Long life cycle and high reliability, and simple operation.
IP67 protection structure (IEC standard).
Replaceable for micro switches and limit switches.

Model Autonics M08 PNP-NO
Operating Voltage (VDC) 10 ~ 30
Detection Distance (mm) 2
Outer Thread Size M8
Object Type Inductive
Output Type PNP Normally Open Three-line
Installation Type Non-Flush (Unshielded)
Max Output Current (mA) 200
Setting Distance (mm) 0 ~ 1.4
Response Frequency 1KHz
Insulation Resistance (MΩ) 50
Operating Temperature (°C) -25 to 70
Storage condition (℃) -30 to 80
Cable Diamensions Ø4, 3-Wire, 2 Meter


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