ATB-G Kit – Suitable for APM10, ACD, AGS,AEM Models


According to different interfaces, it can be applied to DHT20, AGS02MA, ACD10, APM10, and AEM1000 models of temperature and humidity, gas, CO2, PM2.5, and other sensors to demonstrate The sensor detects the change of the output signal of the current ambient air change.

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The gas sensor demonstration board is an engineering prototype test board made by Aosong Electronics.
Enhances performance: The ATB-G kit is designed to improve the performance of the supported equipment models. This could include increasing efficiency, reducing downtime, or improving overall output.
Easy to install: The kit is designed for easy installation, with components that can be quickly and easily integrated into the existing equipment without the need for extensive modifications.
Versatile: The ATB-G kit is suitable for use with several different models of industrial equipment, making it a versatile accessory that can be used in a variety of settings.
Comprehensive: The kit contains a range of components that can improve the functionality of the equipment, such as sensors, controllers, and other electronics that can provide additional data for monitoring and control purposes.
Reliable: The ATB-G kit is likely to be manufactured to high standards of quality and reliability, ensuring that it will deliver consistent performance over an extended period of time, with minimal maintenance required.


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