Arducam Time of Flight Camera for Raspberry Pi

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  1. Making 3D Imaging Easier and Affordable
  2. 2M or 4M,  With Cable Extension
  3. From 2D to 3D, It’s Fully Customizable
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Pixel Resolution : 240×180
Image Size : 1/6″
Max. Frame Rate (sensor) : 120fps
Raspberry Pi OS : Bullseye (32-bit/64-bit) 01/28/22 or later releases
TDP : 3.5W Power supply for Pi should be at least 5V/4A
Supports Platform : Pi 2/3/CM3/4B Zero W/Zero 2 W/CM4
Modulation Frequency : 75MHz/37.5MHz
Viewing Angle : 70° Diagonal
Measurement Distance (m) : Far Mode: 4m Near Mode: 2m
Light Source : 940nm VCSEL illuminator
Interface : MIPI (2-Lane)
Output Formats : 4-phases RAW Frame, Depth Frame, Grayscale Amplitude Frame


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