APM10 Laser Particle Detection Sensor


APM10 has a wide range of application scenarios, suitable for air purifiers
fresh air systems
air quality monitoring equipment
air conditioners
portable instrument lights
other equipment

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APM10 is a digital particle detection sensor designed based on the principle of laser scattering, which can detect particle concentration in real-time, and is also called a PM2.5 sensor. APM10 can test particles with a particle size range of 0.3μm to 10μm. It can provide a variety of different digital output interfaces. It has a boot-up self-calibration function and has good stability; it is small in size and easy to integrate.
The principle of laser scattering enables precise measurement, with a minimum resolution of 0.3μm
Unique laser self-calibration technology
Standard digital output
Full metal shielded shell, stronger anti-interference performance
Ultra-thin type, 49×31.5×10.8mm

Product digital particle detection sensor
Particle size 0.3-2.5-10 µm
Particle concentration 0 – 1000 µ/gm³
Supply Voltage 5.25V
Operating Current 100mA
Model APM10
Baud Rate 1200
Operating Temperature -10 to 50℃
Storage temperature -30 to 70℃


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