AO-09 Oxygen sensor


AO-09 is the oxygen sensor of Aosong Electronics. Offering long life and fast response, the high-quality AO-09 replacement sensor incorporates a molded body design, specific for medical use. Best of all, the AO-09 costs less than the sensors it replaces, creating additional saving while providing superior quality.

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AO-09 Medical Oxygen Sensors are intended as an oxygen-sensing component of an oxygen analyzer that measures oxygen concentration in breathing gas mixtures in the following applications:

Sensing device for oxygen
Control device of oxygen concentrators
Medical ventilators
Anaesthesia equipment
Meets ISO 80601-2-55
Linear output from 0% to 100%
No external power supply
Temperature compensation
Excellent signal stability
Accurate and reliable
Fast response
Long lasting

Operating Principle Partial pressure electrochemical
Output 9 mV to 13 mV in 210 mBar O2
Measurement Range 0 – 100 Vol.% O2
Response Time (T 90 ) <15 s
Baseline Offset <200μV
Accuracy meets ISO 80601-2-55 requirements
Cross interference meets ISO 80601-2-55 requirements


Temperature Compensation <2% O2 equivalent(0℃-40℃)
External Load Resistor ≥ 10 kΩ
Connector 3P2.5
Housing Material White ABS
Weight 36 g (nominal)
Orientation Any
Influence of Mechanical Shock < 1 % relative after a fall from 1 m


Typical Applications Critical care anesthesia
Operating Temperature Range 0℃ ~ +50℃
Operating Pressure Range 0.5 Bar – 2.0 Bar
Operating Humidity Range 0% to 99% RH noncondensing


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