AO-08 Medical Oxygen Sensor


AO-08 is the oxygen sensor of Aosong Electronics. Offering long life and fast response, the high-quality AO-08 replacement sensor incorporates a moulded body design, specific for medical use. Best of all, the AO-08 costs less than the sensors it replaces, creating additional saving while providing superior quality.

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Major There are two types of O2 sensors; a narrowband, and a wideband style — each has a different measurement ability Generally there are three types of oxygen sensors in cars: zirconia O2 sensors, wideband 02 sensors and Titania 02 sensors.
Types of oxygen sensor
Electrochemical oxygen sensor.
Zirconia oxygen sensor.
Optical oxygen sensor.
Clark oxygen sensor.
Infrared oxygen sensor.
Electro galvanic sensor.
Ultrasonic oxygen sensor.
Laser oxygen sensor
A sensing device for oxygen.
The control device of oxygen concentrators.
Medical ventilators
Meets ISO 80601-2-55
Linear output from 0% to 100%
No external power supply
Temperature compensation
Excellent signal stability
Accurate and reliable
Fast response

Output 9 mV to 13 mV in 21%O²
Measurement Range 0 – 100 Vol.% O²
Temperature Compensation <2% O² equivalent(0℃-40℃
Response Time <15 s
Operating Temperature Range 0℃ – +50℃
Operating Pressure Range 0.5 Bar – 2.0 Bar
Operating Humidity Range 0% to 99% RH noncondensing
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