Anti-Vibration Shock Absorber for APM/KK/MWC/PixHawk

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If you are wandering to make your First DIY  Drone. Then This Anti-vibration shock absorber is needed for you. The absorber is used to protect your flight controller from vibration while driving. This is a universal Glass Fiber Flight Controller Anti-vibration Set Shock Absorber APM/KK/MWC/PixHawk vibration damping mount that has a list of useful applications, This provides free camera mounting to Flight controller isolation


Color : Black
Material : Glass Fiber
Frame 1 Size mm(LxWxH) : 90x60x2
Frame 2 Size mm(LxWxH) : 100x70x2
Shock absorber Height mm(DxH) : 10×12
Weight (gm) : 24


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