Amass XT150 Gold Plated Male/Female Connector with High Current (130A Max.)


XT-150 are High-Quality big Sprung Gold Connectors by Amass that have a large contact area, making them great for high power applications up to 130A! The male connector uses a collet style spliced contact area to provide more surface to surface contact than standard gold connectors which use a thin mushroomed sheet as a spring.

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The connectors come in a pack of 1 (1 set of 2, 2 in total) and can be linked together with the dovetail join on the outside of each Nylon housing. Easy to solder and use, they are perfect for large batteries, ESC or motors!
Designed for currents up to 130 Amps Max.
Ideal for those large-scale electric projects where low loss connectors are essential
The plastic case is detachable, so you can array the wires in the sequence you prefer, or keep them separated from each other
6mm gold bullet connector, compatible with 8AWG silicon wire
Used for: ESC, LIPO Battery, Motor, etc.

Current Handling Capacity (A) 130
Connector Type XT150
Material Plastic
Metal Material Gold plated Brass


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