Amass AS150UPB-Male 140A Connector

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Easy to use
Contact Material: Brass Gold-plated Copper
Body Material: Nylon/PA
Quality product

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The AS150UPB-M connectors provide a solid, high-amp connection – perfect for applications up to and beyond 140 amps!

Metal material Brass gold plated
Plastic material PA66
FR Level UL94 V0
Recommended Use Battery
Temperature rise 70A<70℃ (1 hour); 140A<
Weld mental Main copper 3.3; Signal pin 2.5
CR 0.40mΩ
Rated voltage <DC 50V
Rated Current 70A
Instantaneous current 140A
Use times 1000 times
Insertion force 3-5kg
Cable spec 8AWG/24AWG
Temperature 20℃ to 120℃
Weight 20g
Dimensions 33 x 25 x 18 mm
(L x W x H)


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