Alarm Finder Tracer Buzzer for RC Lost Aircraft

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Color : Green
Operating Voltage (VDC) : 4 ~ 6
Current Drain(mA) : 1-35

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The Alarm Finder Tracer Buzzer for RC Lost Aircraft is a simple device that plugs into any servo/Rx port, will detect the loss of the TX signal and emit a loud 85dB alarm. Ideal for warning you if you have not turned off your RX power supply while in the pits, or if you are having trouble finding a model in the long grass, simply turn off your TX and within few minutes, the alarm will sound. This is a less expensive solution for a very common problem.

Easy to use.
Let you know where your RC aircraft is when you lose connection with it.
Particularly useful when the multirotor is out of control,
Easy to install, simply connect the alarm between the servo and the receiver.
Most suitable for finding lost Unmanned Vehicle.
Small and handy module.
It becomes very noisy when it loses TX signal as long as it is gets disconnected from the receiver


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