AeroFC Flight Controller Board

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  1. Onboard High-Speed STM32 F7 processor, clocked at 216MHz.
  2. Light Weight.
  3. Isolated and dampened IMU.
  4. It can be configured with AeroGCS, Mission Planner, QGround Control software, etc
  5. Supports Dual redundant power input.
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Processor : STM32 F7, 216MHz Processor
Supported Software : PX4 ,Ardupilot
PWM I/O Ports : 8 PWM port, 6 servo I/O
Data Storage : Built-in data recorder
Remote Parameter Adjustment : Set new parameters using telemetry
Assistant software : Mission planner, AeroGCS, Q ground control
Mobile App
Android : Q ground control, Tower
iOS: Q ground control
Operating Temperature Range (°C) : -20 to 55



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