Adafruit SGP40 Air Quality Sensor Breakout – VOC Index – STEMMA QT/Qwiic


The SGP40 has a ‘standard’ hot-plate MOX sensor, as well as a small microcontroller that controls power to the plate, reads the analog voltage, and provides an I2C interface to read from. This is a gas sensor that can detect a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and H2 and is intended for indoor air quality monitoring.

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Raw signal from the sensor is processed using their software algorithm to give an overall ‘air quality value from 0 to 500.

This sensor, like all VOC/gas sensors, has variability, and to get precise measurements you will want to calibrate it against known sources! That said, general environmental sensors will give you a good idea of trends and comparisons.
Another nice element of this sensor is the ability to set humidity compensation for better accuracy. An external humidity sensor is required and then the RH% is written over I2C to the sensor, so it can better calibrate the MOX sensor reading and reduce humidity/temperature-based variations.

Circuit SGP40
I2C Communication Interface Address 0x59
VOC Measuring Range 0 ppm to 1000 ppm
VOC Index Value Measuring Range 0 to 500
Input Supply Voltage (VDC) 3 ~ 5
Communication Interface I2C
Connector STEMMA QT/Qwiic


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