A2212 Motor Prop Adapater (Collet Type)


Ease of interfacing.
Rust-free and stain-free aluminum metal construction.
It is used to capture propeller with BLDC motor in quad-copter/multi-rotor/drone.

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This A2212 Motor Prop Adapter (Collet Type) aluminum Prop Adapter fits 3mm shafts and has a 5.86mm diameter x 23.81mm length shank. Most props fit this adapter very well. The 3.17mm RC aluminum bullet propeller adapter holder can be used to mount on 4mm motor shaft of the brushless motor to capture propeller.


Bore Diameter 3.7mm(expandable up to 4.1mm)
Material Aluminium
Motor Shaft (mm) 3.17
Propeller Shaft (mm) 5


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