8mm Gold Plated Bullet Connector Male-Female Pair

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This 8mm Gold Plated Bullet Connector Male-Female Pair has the all-new design of the new 1 male head shape, increase the contact surface area, can resistant than regular 4.0mm banana plug more current. The raw materials used are non-toxic lead-free, comply with ROHS environmental standard.

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What makes these gold bullet connectors different than the other expensive connectors seen on the market? These connectors are plated with a heavy gold coating. Twice the thickness of most of the other connectors being sold elsewhere. This increases the cost BUT makes the gold finish last longer. Allowing your system to run at a higher efficiency.

The plug comes with 24K gold plating, the thickness reached 0.05 M. The thickness of the coating plays the role of protecting the plug to prevent oxidation and prolong the service life.
Good conductivity, stability, temperature, continuous discharge.
New tail wire slot, convenient welding line.
Applicable products
for the motor, electrical and other products

Connector Type Bullet Connector
Material Copper with Gold plated
Diameter (mm) 8
Length (mm) 19 (both)
Weight (gm) 9


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