5A RC TX Controlled Relay Switch PWM Receiver

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Load Current Max (mA) : 10A
Input Voltage (V) : 5-28V
Power lead length : 100m
RX ead length : 100m
Allowed Wire Size (AWG) : 20

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This is a NEW 5A RC TX Controlled Relay Switch PWM Receiver LED Control Spray Switch

Normal Mode:
The module can read a pulse width that can range from 400 to 2600us.
If the width of the pulse is more than 1800us, the MOSFET switch will close, if less than 1200us, the MOSFET switch will open.


  1. This module is a nice little relay switch controlled by a spare auxiliary channel on your receiver. Ideal for switching lights, sound, and any other auxiliary electrical items.
  2. When PWM duty is more than 1500us, the switch will turn on; when PWM duty is less than 1400us, the switch will turn off.



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