5.8G and 2.4G 151CH OTG WiFi dual FPV AV Receiver for IOS & Android Smart Phones

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Button Description
CH + button (left): Short press for the next channel, long press for the automatic channel +
PWR button (middle): on/off button, short press 0.2 seconds to take effect
CH-button (right): Short press to last channel, long press to auto channel –
Reset button: short press to reset
Low voltage alarm: when the battery voltage is lower than 3.7V, green light flashing 1Hz, please charge in time. The voltage is lower than 3.6V, the green light flashes rapidly 3 times, enter the shut-down state.

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5.8G and 2.4G OTG WiFi dual Receiver is 5.8Ghz 151CH Channel AV Signal Wifi Transmission Receiver for IOS & Android Smart Phones Tablets FPV Camera

Press PWR button 0.2 seconds, UVC start and green light, open the phone WIFI, open the APP (DVRunning), in the APP interface to find the UVC name wifi_camera_xxxxxxxxxxxx, click to enter the image window.
The device will save the frequency of the last shutdown. The CH +/- button can be used to adjust the receiving frequency. If you enter automatic frequency search, the device will continuously find the entire frequency range, and finally, freeze the signal at the strongest frequency.
When Shutdown, short press the PWR button for 0.2 seconds, the green light flashes 3 times, then disconnect the wifi connection with the APP, into the shutdown state.


Model 5.8G and 2.4G 151CH
No. of Channels 151
RF Range 5.645-5.945GHz
Operating Voltage (VDC) 5
Current Consumption (mA) 450
Control Distance 5KM in open Space
Antenna Length (mm) 110
Video Format Supported NTSC/PAL
Color Black
Net weight (gm) 78
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 73 x 52 x 15
Video Frequency 5.8Ghz
Wifi frequency 2.4Ghz


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