3DR Single TTL MINI Radio Telemetry 433MHz 500mW for PIXHAWK and APM FC

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The new V2 radios, no longer have a separate Air/Ground module, as both transceivers can use UART or USB connections and supports both modes. The Radio set not only lets you see live data, such as live GPS position overlaid on a map, system voltage, heading, waypoint navigation even artificial horizon and so much more.

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Using open source MAVlink based ground station software, you can even fly your aircraft with a joystick via your computer and update settings live! Or just use it for your DIY projects that need a wireless Serial interface. This kit offers a great low price, longer range, and superior performance. The system utilizes the 433MHz band and provides a full-duplex link using HopeRF’s HM-TRP modules running custom, open source, firmware.

MAVLink protocol framing status documents
Frequency modulation and Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
Self-adaption to time division multiplexing
Support LBT and AFA
Configurable duty cycle
Built-in error correcting code(up to 25% data bit error)


Range (m) 2500
Frequency Range 433MHz
Rated Power (W) 250mW
Sensitivity (dBm) -124
Operating Voltage (VDC) 3 ~ 6
Max. Operating Current (mA) 500
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -24 to 84
Module Size (LxWxH) mm 54 x 260 x 12
Antenna Length (mm) 110


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